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Unlock Your Full Potential, Achieve Your Goals.

Utilizing our personalized approach and expert guidance, we will work with you every step of the way. Our small team of dedicated coaches is committed to helping you with the tools, resources, and support you need to reach your end goal, whether it’s weight loss, toning up, strength gain, or improving your general fitness and well being.

Functional training plays a vital role in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
Group training provides a supportive and motivating environment for individuals to engage in regular physical activity.

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Why Choose Us?

Our unique “personalised” approach to group training means that we can help you fast-track your goals. Injuries to work around? No problem we can modify workouts specifically for you to meet you where you are at.

  • New to fitness? Or it’s been a while?

    We can scale our workouts down, if needed to ease you back in to a fitness regime that suits your current fitness level. Our friendly coaching staff will support you all the way, no matter how unfit you might feel at the moment.
  • Our super friendly and supportive community

    Our super friendly and supportive community of members will encourage, support and cheer you on, all the way to your end goal.
    Don’t believe that we have the best group of people? Book in a free trial and come see for yourself.
  • Our cutting edge facility

    Our cutting edge facility means that you don’t share equipment and that means you choose the weights/equipment that best suit you right now. You are never forced to lift more than you are comfortable with. That keeps you safe and in control of your own journey.

What Our Clients Had To Say About LiFT Wangara

I have been a member of LiFT for twelve months now and I cannot imagine leaving. Ben offers class times that suit everyone from 5am in the morning and then again in the afternoon and evening. Every day has a different daily routine but every class is brilliant. Since joining I have dropped a dress size and am much fitter and stronger, but more importantly I have never felt so good physically AND mentally. I knew the benefits of weight training but now I truly understand how much healthier the body and mind can be by working it properly.

Melissa Catchpole
Gym Student

Lift is the place to go for group fitness and it caters for all ages and fitness levels.
Everyday Ben and his trainers have new workouts that are ready to go, they will challenge you to ‘your’ ability, but not beyond your comfort zone, and they’ll support you safely through the exercises and sets.
This is a great friendly group fitness gym for ‘normal’ people and you’ll love it.

Anthony Oldershaw
Gym Student

What a great place to train & grow. Ben and his team have a great approach and genuinely care for their customers. They are dedicated to seeing everyone hit their personal fitness and health targets. Would highly recommend giving this place a go!

Enzo Bellanca
Gym Student

Such a great gym! I am 30kgs down and feeling the best I have ever felt. I’ve only ever felt supported and encouraged. Trainers are great. People are lovely. Every day is a different workout.

Kaila Gorman
Gym Student

Gym in Wangara

I really enjoy coming to LiFT, Ben has created an incredible group gym atmosphere. The workouts are always carefully considered and designed to make the most of each session. I’m glad I joined LiFT and I always look forward to training alongside some incredible people!

Sandra Divanian
Gym Student

I have been thinking of joining a gym for a while but was procrastinating as I’ve not loved the other gyms I’ve joined in the past. A friend of mine has been telling me about Lift for ages so I thought I’d give it a go. Best decision! I love the training sessions, the trainers, Ben and Ross are excellent and other gym members are all really lovely. It’s got a great community feel but you also work hard and walk out feeling like you’ve achieved something! Ben is very knowledgeable on nutrition and happily shares this with members. I highly reccomend Lift! I love it!

Lara Farrow

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